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Reference: Atlas of Pediatric Physical Diagnosis

Milestones for the first year

New born to 1 month

• when touched on cheek near mouth, turns head to that side (rooting reflex)

• when palm is touched, baby’s hand closes around a finger (grasping reflex)

• turns head and eyes toward diffused light. Vision still blurred but best at 10 to 30 cm (4 to 12 in)

 1 to 3 months

• prefers looking at high-contrast areas of faces: forehead, eyes, mouth

• visually follows a bright object when it is moved slowly

• perceives colour by about 3 months

• hands open out from fist

• can briefly hold a toy when you place it in his palms (doesn’t use thumbs yet)

• brings hands into eye range — the start of eyes and hands working together

• when placed on tummy, baby can lift head and shoulders

 4 to 6 months

• begins to roll from tummy to back (but could startle into a roll before this, so never leave a new born unattended on a raised surface)

• reaches for objects

• brings toys to mouth to explore them

 6 to 9 months

• rolls both ways

• sits without support; stands with assistance

• picks up toys with thumb and side of forefinger

• moves between sitting and lying down

• crawls, creeps or shuffles on bottom (though many kids skip this phase)

• may crawl up stairs

 9 to 12 months

• pulls up into an unsteady stand a month or two before first step

• begins cruising while holding furniture

• points with index finger

• can set things down without dropping them

• can deliberately drop toys

It is important to consult a doctor if your baby fails to reach his/her milestones. Early intervention will allow the baby to 'catch up'.